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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

McCourt, F (1997) Angela's Ashes. Flamingo 


Monday, July 19, 2004

Beckford, R. (2004). God and the Gangs: An Urban Toolkit for Those Who Won't Be Sold Out, Brought Out or Scared Out 


...there are pastors and churches that have ignored the countercultural value system of the christian faith...churches should promote an alternative way of thinking and being in order to 'achieve' in a radically different way, with values based on the nodel taht Jesus lays down for believers. Whena church is sold out, it has no viable alternatives to offer. It becomes just another 'gang' competing for turf and resources in the community". pp8Gordon Homepage 07.21.04 - 5:09 pm #

bought outTo avoid becoming a lukewarm presencxe in teh community, the urban church must guard against being seduced by the benefits gained from these associations - sources of revenue or support that become more important that defending the weak or standing for justice - it needs to be a living and committed presence in the community unafraid of taking on any manifestation of evil or injustice, even if it measn risking funding or support. pp9Gordon Homepage 07.21.04 - 5:13 pm #

'meaningless and hopelessness taht produces lovelessness' Cornel West.Gordon Homepage 07.21.04 - 5:15 pm #

systematic failureGordon Homepage 07.26.04 - 7:57 am #

Urban church action is often limited to witness and welfare. Witness action focuses on evangelism. Put simply, the measure of a church is how many people it can get through the church doors. Here, the community is changed as believers come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. This strategy responds to the 'more believers, less crime' approach.The welfare model recognises the importance of acting justly in the community beyond being a good neighbour and paying taxes. It engages in welfare projects designed to assist those in need. The 'clean up the mess' approach.Both these approaches fail to get to grips with the complexity of the theology required to respond to systemic failure.Gordon Email Homepage 07.28.04 - 5:53 pm #

Beckford articulates ‘prophetic action’ as a legitimate response to systemic failure. The model of the biblical prophet inspires prophetic action. The prophetic is fundamentally an expression of the will of God revealing how things should be. It is also an ethical quest to restore human dignity and accountability and is always wedded to justice. So what does it mean to talk about prophetic action in response to systemic failure? There are five features to this approach.Interventionist. Prophetic Action is first and foremost direct action. It seeks to be involved.Holistic. Needs to seek a complete and inter-related response.Liberating. Concerned with intervening on behalf of the ‘least of these’. Siding with the marginalised and brutalised by the current system.Di-unital. The appreciation of tensions and differences. Recognition of the creativity of grey. Recognition of both/ and action rather than either/ or action.Spiritual. Directed by God through HS.Gordon Email Homepage 07.28.04 - 5:55 pm #

Fab book


Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Coupland, D (2002) Life After God 


Clifton, S (1997) Who are these Salvationists 


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