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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Humphrys, J. (2007). In God We Doubt. NYC: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd. 

Why is there something instead of nothing? pp4/ 225
Why is it a cosmos and not a chaos
How did lif arise from the inanimate
Where did Man get his Mannishness from
Jean Paul Satre

God says 'if youknew why this suffering happns you would live with it, you would accept it as the will of God. I don't want you to accept it as the will of God. I want you to go out there and heal the sick, feed the hungry, tend those who are injured. I want you to be', in that wonderful and very Jewish phrase, 'my partners in teh work of creation' pp148

What is the essence of Christianity? "Choice Mrs Thatcher pp 155

"if you talk to God you are praying; if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia..." Archbishop William Temple


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Waal, E. (1999). Seeking God: The Way of St. Benedict (Second Edition). 

Conquest of self - Ladder of humility.

First 7 = interior disposition; next 5 exterior. pp30

"I you are not committed to your own adulthood,if you are just coming in and going out, letting others take care of all the ragged edges of our life together, then you will forever see the problem in someone else. If you want to know if you are committed to your own adulthood ask yourself, "in the last three things that bothered me in this community whom did I blame?" This is no more an no less than taking responsibility for myself. 61

Unless I am careful I am tempted to manipulate people ... perhaps I have been much more concerned with where I am myself than seeing where they are, and revealing their importance, to themselves amd to me. Instead I have judged them, stifled them, and in doing this I have been devaluing them, using them to my own advantage. 105


Bell, R. (2007). Sex God: Exploring the Endless Connections Between Sexuality And Spirituality. Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing Company 

To the Jewish mind, heaven is not a fixed, unchanging geographical location somewhere other than this world. Heaven is teh realm where things are as God intends them to be. The place where things are under the rule and reign of God. And that place can be anywhere, anytime, with anybody. pp 21

“Freedom is going without whatever we crave and being fine with it” pp75

“Lust is always built upon a lie. And so for you and me to be free from lust, we have to begin by understanding the lie and where it comes from and why it can be so alluring” pp 75

Your worth does not come from your body, your mind, your work, what you produce, what you put out, how much money you make. Your worth does not come from whether or not you have a man. Your worth does not come from whether or not men notice you. You have inestimable worth that comes from your creator. 124


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