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Friday, January 02, 2009

Willard, D. (1998). The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life In God. New York: Harperone. 

The really good news for humanity us that Jesus is now taking students in the master class of life. The eternal life that begins with confidence in Jesus is a life in his present kingdom, now on earth and available to all. So the message of and about him is specifically a gospel for our life now, not just for dying. It is about living now as his apprentice in kingdom living, not just as a consumer of his merits pp6

Gospels of sin management pp 67


2 major questions humanity always faces

1 which life is the good life. What is genuinely in my interest, and how may I enter true well-being. Of course we already know that life in the life of God will be the good life, … but exactly who is and who is not assured of such a life was a subject of much confusion in his day as it is today.

2 who is truly a good person. Who has the kind of goodness found in God himself. Pp112

Blessed Makarios = highest type of well being possible, blissful existence

dikaiosune – the essence of being a really good person; true inner goodness, → virtue of the heart of human rightness; kingdom heart.

Anger indulged, instead of simply waved off, always has in it an element of self-righteousness and vanity. Find a person who has embraced anger, and you find a person with a wounded ego. 167

Anger and contempt are twin scourges of the earth. Mingled with greed and sexual lust, these bitter emotions form the poisonous brew in which human existence stands suspended. Few ever get free of them in this life, and for most of us even old age does not bring relief 168

the answer is to right the wrong in persistent love, not to harbour anger, and thus to right it without adding further real or imaginary wrongs. To retain anger an to cultivate it is to give the devil a chace eph 4:26ff. The delicious morsel of self-righteousness that anger cultivated always contains a high price in the self-righteous reaction of those we cherish anger towards. The cycle is endless as long as anger has sway. 169

Both knowing good and being good are for th most part treated with open scorn in the academic settings which determine so much of our lives. 206

Prayer as kingdom praying is an arrangement explicitly instituted by God in order that we as individuals may count, and count for much, as we learn step by step to govern , to reign with him in his kingdom. To enter an to learn this reign is what gives the individual life its intended significance. This high calling also explains why prayer frequently requires much effort, continuous effort, and on some matters possibly years and years of effort. Prayer is, above all, a means of forming character. 275

To suppose that God and the individual communicate within the framework of God’s purposes for us, as explained earlier, and that because of the interchange God does what he had not previously intended, or refrains from something he previously had intended to do , is nothing against God’s dignity if it is an arrangement he himself had chosen. 278

The point that bodily habits are the primary form in which human evil exists in practical life is absolutely essential for an understanding of the curric of christlikeness. We will never be able to deal with that evil as long as we take it, in the popular manner, to be external to the self (satan, the world) 376


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