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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wilhoit, J.C (2008) spiritual Formation as if the the Church Mattered. Baker 

The fruit of a life in Christ is a life like Christ. Andrew Murray pp 49

Six myths or false models of spiritual formation

The quick fix model. God will simply zap them. Implicit in the stories of the spiritual heroes of the bible (Abraham, Jacob, David and peter) is a spiritual development in growth and wholeness that takes place over a lifetime. Moses was in formation for eighty years before he led Israel out of Egypt. One of the common metaphors for the Christian life in scripture and for the spiritual writers through the centuries has been that of seeing the Christian life as a long journey. 51

The facts only model. Growth determined by an individuals intake of spiritual truth. Easy to overlook the corporate call to sf explicit in scripture - one another texts.

Emtional model. We are changed most profoundly when we have deep emotional or spiritual experiences. Change comes when our emotions are deeply stirred with a emphasis on positive , feel good emotions. Some Christians equate growth with an emotional state that is always positive and are overwhelmed when they find themselves experiencing darkroom emotions.

Conference model. Mountain top experienced hide two potential problems. Paper over cracks that need deeper attention. Motivated to make resolutions that not mature enough to keep over the long term. Useful but not to be seen as indispensable spiritual filling stations that become our primary source of nuture and guidance on the journey.

Insight model. When give insight too much prominence it often ends up supporting a diseased introspection, actually impeding our spiritual life rather than contributing to it. Chr by preoccupation with our choices and their consequences.

The faith model. all spiriual growth stems from surrender to god. However not in isolation. Through practicing a variety of spiritual disciplines, we often come to see areas where we need to surrender, issues we might never recognise if we simply focus exclusively on pondering areas where we lack faith.

Reflect attraction to consumer view of religion appealing to those who think their growth is dependent simply on consuming the right thing pp 55

It is our sin, not just our individual sins, that must be dealt with. Within us is a caldron of self-destructive, egocentric, self-protective, sensual, control seeking lusts that breed the sins we hate. It is right to attack sin from the outside by ceasing our destructive behaviours, but it is far more important to work from the inside out to reduce the pull sin has on our life. Pp 60

I fear, at times, that so many false spiritualities simply turn younger sons into older brothers. 83

The gospel is an invitation to abundant life in the kingdom of God. The gospel is not simply the good news that begins the Christian life, but it should also provide a pattern for our living. We must be gospel centric people, who recognise that "the Christian life is a progress of renewing every dimension of our life - spiritual, psychological, corporate, social - by thinking, hoping and living out the 'lines' or ramifications of the gospel" our heartbeats and breathing ought to keep to the rhythm of the kingdom. Pp 101

Without knowledge of self there is no knowledge of God Calvin pp 136

Many of the spiritualities that we encounter in everyday life base their appeal on personal confidence and power. ... I. Short they are very narcissistic. Christian spiritual formation ultimately is about enabling people to love others more and to help create a just and well ordered community. Pp 148

One-another verses 154

As our hearts are transformed by faith, we move
From self absorption to concern for god's kingdom mat 6:23
Defiance to submission 1 Sam 15:19-22
Self reliance to god reliance jer 17: 5-8
Squandering resources to stewarding them mat 25: 14-30
Expecting and taking for granted to accepting and gratitude lk 17:11-19
Spiritual indifference to spiritual growth and vitality 2 pet 1:3-8
Concern with externals to concern for character 1 Sam 16:7
Conformity with the culture to conformity to god rom 12:1-2
Concern for self to concern for others phil 2 :3-4
Lording over others to serving mk 10:42-45
Quarrelling to cooperation James 3:13-17
Independence to community eccles 4:9-12
Envy competition and self protection to love 1 co 13:4-13
Harbouring hurt and resentment to extending forgiveness and seeking reconciliation eph 4:32 -5:2
Pp 159

There's a deep yearning within us for wholeness, and we find wholeness in the life Of holiness. Holiness does not come simply from avoiding certain actions, but by becoming a channel for God's empowering presence - living as a pipe not a bucket. 161

True piety leads to service, but false piety leads to self-protection. True piety produces depth of depth of soul;false piety yields shallow hypocrisy 161

As Christians, we no longer have to do what impulse tells us. These misdirected longings of our heart exert inordinate and persistent influence on us not only by attaching tbese longings to the wrong objects but also by a profound disordering of our interior. 164

Christianity must touch all areas of person's life : thinking, feeling, and doing. 179

True acknowledgement of Jesus as lord leads to a lifestyle based on love and obedience, not on selt-satisfaction. To acknowledge oneself as a servant of Jesus and of others and to witness to the kingdom. 179.

Wilhoit sets out to project a curriculum for christlikeness grounded in the gospel. The framework suggested on the life long practice of receiving, remembering, responding and relating to invite intentional activity to live out in life and thought the invitations of Jesus to kingdom living.
- to steward Christ's gospel
- to extend Christ's compassion
- to worship
- to think rightly about God.


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