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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Sweet, L. I. (2012). I am a follower: the way, truth, and life of following Jesus. Nashville, Tenn.: Thomas Nelson. 

I am a follower

To follow Jesus is to be in the right mission - the way; missional living.
To follow Jesus is to be in the right relationship - the truth; relational living.
To follow Jesus is to be in the right future - the life; incarnational living 47

Both beginning and ending are important, but have we made Christianity more a moment of decision than a momentum for life? Both are important, but have we spent more time on how you become a Christian than on what it means to live as a Christian? Both are important, but have we made holiness more about a designation than a direction? 71

Ahriyt based on the root ahar means 'latter time, latter days, the latest part, the future' it's general meaning is 'after, later, behind, following' meaning both what's ahead and what's behind 101

This is the extreme of human knowledge of God: to know that we do not know God, quod homo sciat se Deum nescire 103

Those addicted to money, power, fame and self are hopeless because they feel no need for hope. 104

...there is a lot more to being heavenly minded than simply longing for heaven. that homeland for which we were made, wrote saint Augustine,is not simply 'to be gazed at but to be lived in' here and now, not just there and then. 105

The whole of our faith is the belief that God love us; I mean there isn't anything else. Anything else we say we believe is just a way of saying that God loves us. Any proposition, any article of faith, is only an expression of faith if it is a way of saying that God loves us Herbert McCabe 109

If someone succeeded in proving to me that Christ was outside the truth, and if, in reality, the truth was outside Christ, then I should prefer to remain with Christ than with the truth. Dostoevsky 143

A church that has ceased walking and moving with Christ is a fig tree that has withered at the roots, a death without resurrection hope. A body of Christ that doesn't grow or nourish itself in its walk with Jesus is doomed to slow and painful starvation. 172

To know and understand the Jesus trust and walk the Jesus way, we must have the Jesus life. There are two words for life in gk bios and Zoe. Jesus spoke most often about Zoe which refers not to a singular life but to life in common, shared life 226

The Zoe kind of life embraces wholeness, interrelationship, inwardness and revelation 227

Followers move more from spirit than from strategy and structure. If we have learned anything while under the lash of the leadership literature , it's that the more you spit into the wind, the more spit gets blown back into your face. 228

YHWH yud hey vav heh - while new is without gender the vav and heh rep male and female forces of providence gilla Nissan a monotheistic model of love parabola 35 spr 2010 9 pp 223


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