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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ringma, C (1994) Catch the Wind. Regent College 

Some of the most basic questions are: “How can we move the church from its preoccupation with institutional to people concerns? How can we empower people to take responsibility for their tasks in such a church and in the world? Pp17

On new plants and church exprewssion “often the real reasons are not the stated reason. The stated reasons are cast in very pious language. The real reasons may be socilogical pp 50

Gustavo Gutierrez - faith can not be lived on the private plane of an interior spirituality. Faith, instead, creates community abd such community must express itself in solidarity with the interests and struggles of the poor. Pp 85

Danger of church having little to do with people’s genuine aspirations for serving their neighbour and seeking to transform the world. Pp 88

Church should rebuild itselff from a position of weakness not one of imagined strength. It needs to see itself as the ‘little flock’ in a pluralistic world. It should shape its existence on the kingdom values of the NT . pp 91

[Kraybill, D (1978) The upside down kingdom. Herald]

Being the people of God, being community, being in solidarity is not some strange afterthought on the part of God. God is a community of persons as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and, as such, God is the great community-builder. God’s concern has been to create a people who will reflect in the world something of God’s love, care and justice (pp 151)

[Hanson P.D, ( 1986) The people called: The growth of community in the bible, Harper and Row]


Brown, D (2002) Deception Point.Pocket 


Coupland, D. (2004) Eleanor Rigby. Fourth Estate 


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Taylor, S (2005) Out of Bounds Church. YS 

The out of bounds church

Pp39 – theology of the marginal as seen in the children if Israel

“Follow God, Israel because you as a people were marginal slaves in Egypt. Protect the marginal people, Israel, because you as a people were alien in Egypt”

“A key mission task of the church today is to be a playful space…providing the space for people to make connections between God, themselves, others and God’s world” pp72

“The mission of the church is to act as a resource for spiritual tourists. The church must search for ways to move people from recreation to experimentation to existential relocation into the kingdom of God. “ pp 85

“To share the mission of Jesus is to ask how Jesus’ heart can beat with postmodern blood and how people can be called to love and follow Jesus in a post modern way

“The painting [the Moorish Kitchen Maid] raises the imaginative possibility that the revelation of Christ in community has a missional attraction that draws the bystander and wayfarer in. Redemptive community is missional. It draws in the fringes.” Pp104

“Our contemporary mission then is to see Jesus fleshed out in the postmodern neighbourhood. The incarnation of God calls us to sample from God’s world. This is the mission reflection that must haunt the emerging church” pp138


wonderfully resourceful book, i love the creativity, sampling, cosy community - but I was left wanting more with regards to contempory mission. missional, missiology etc.. well bounded words but it has to be more than attractional eye-candy, and multiple video loops. I was left wanting to know more how such churches bring cohesion to a society fragmented.


Coupland, D. (2004) Eleanor Rigby. Fourth Estate 


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