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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bretherton, L.(2010) Christian and contemporary politics. Wiley Blackwell 

Bretherton, L.(2010) Christian and contemporary politics. Wiley Blackwell

Jeremiah 29:7

Hospitality-it is a form of life by which we expose our loves to others and struggle for conversion, the conversion of ourselves so that we may encounter others as neighbours and thence genuinely loved them rather than patronise, can opt, or ignore them and the conversion of others so that they may begin to know the world as God's good but fallen and now redeemed creation.103 

Community organising is a means by which we encounter strangers-sometimes as their Guest and at other times as their host 105

Some hospitality is reciprocal: each hosts the other in turn. However, the practice of hospitality is more often than not undertaken in a situation where one party is in a position of strength and the other in a position of venerability or weakness 114

Within the Christian tradition that is a consistent and special concern for the weakest and most vulnerable: the poor, the sick, and refugee. Moreover, the focus on the vulnerable stranger will, on occasions, mean that the church finds itself actively opposed by those who would be, by Christian criteria of evaluation, inhospitable to refundable vulnerable stranger. Thus the Christian practice of hospitality is often, because of its priorities, deeply prophetic, calling into question the prevailing political hegemony. 212

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